Thought Catalysts: Warren Tomlin on Disruption

June 7, 2017 Warren Tomlin, Speakers' Spotlight

There are leaders and then there are followers. Generally the idea is to be the former. 

But perhaps it's worth a shot to look at this phrase the other way around. Maybe to be a leader, it's worth being a follower. 

The people who lead the way with awesome ideas and unique talents did so by acquiring knowledge and applying it in new and interesting ways. We all need to learn stuff to lead stuff. And those who do it best inspire others to act. 

They are Thought Catalysts. Here they are as told by the movers and shakers from Speakers' Spotlight

Warren Tomlin is the former Global Chief Innovation Officer for IBM. To read more of his posts, visit his page on Speakers' Spotlight. To have Warren speak at your next function, email Speakers' Spotlight at 

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