Stuff We Love: Volkswagen Takes On Family Dynamics

October 4, 2017 Ophelie Zalcmanis-Lai

The idea of inheriting a classic, well-kept car is pretty dreamy.

Or is it?

It definitely can be, but sometimes it’s a little difficult. Sometimes, it’s very emotional.

In this new spot by Volkswagen, the iconic car brand takes a look at the emotional aspect of owning a car through a normally taboo topic for brand spots: death.

There have been a ton of adds that have made us tear up in the past. Truthfully, this story isn’t particularly unique.

However, that’s not the emotional part that makes this the kind of Stuff We Love. It’s the fact that Volkswagen is tapping into the emotional belief system when it comes to consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Back in March, The Tite Report attended Dx3 and learned about what it means to get to know customers’ fears and beliefs.   

The “belief” level is the deepest part of purchasing decisions because it’s the lens in which customers view the world and its categories (thanks to MotivIndex for this explanation). Essentially, it’s how a product makes a person feel about his or her station within society.

That’s a big deal to consumers – whether or not they know it.

So, in this spot from director Sune Svanborg Sorensen and Very Agency, they make people think about family values and how inheriting a car (or buying a car with rich history) affects how they feel about their life.

Watching the story unfold inevitably makes people think about their own families and how they feel about those dynamics.

The result is stronger brand connection and more impactful message.

But we won’t take up all your time revealing the details. Take a read through AdWeek’s coverage of Volkswagen’s work.

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