Stuff We Love: Gillette Takes Cannes Gold

June 28, 2017 Ophelie Zalcmanis-Lai

Razors: such a simple, daily part of life for some. 

So simple, they're almost easy to overlook. Because of that they present a unique challenge to brands like Gillette, who find themselves trying to find a way to elevate the ordinary. 

At this year's Cannes Lions Festival, Gillette did just that with its short film Handle With Care.

This is the Stuff We Love so much because it makes something so small into such a big, meaningful story. 

Like we said, razors, nothing crazy. 

But Gillette wanted to show off its new TREO razor, meant for personal care workers, in a way that really connected with people. The brand did just that by opening viewers hearts to a new interpretation of an everyday routine. 

This film isn't about any man shaving. It isn't even about a father and son shaving together. It's about what happens in the role reversal when a son has to take care of his father. It takes the typical shaving ad away from being about oneself to what happens when it has to be done for someone else. 

And it's truly beautiful. It's a narrative that most likely holds true for a lot of people - it's just not told. It's not the flashy kind of razor ad, trying to add sex appeal to everything. 

Instead it just highlights the real and the raw. Sometimes the real and raw is tinged with a bit of sadness and sacrifice. That doesn't mean it's not worth revealing.

So what do we learn from this award-winning ad? Don't be afraid to be real because not everything in life is about looking good. Sometime's it's just about taking care. It's the ads like this that inspire us all in the end by flipping the expected narrative into something much more meaningful than just another grooming product. 

Way to go to the Gillette team and Grey New York! 


Agency: Grey New York
Client: Gillette
Campaign: Handle with Care

Procter & Gamble
VP, Marketing: John Mang
Brand Manager: Sushant Trivedi Procter & Gamble Brand Manager Client
VP, Research & Development: Melissa Monich Procter & Gamble  Client
Principal Design Engineer: Matthew Hodgson Procter & Gamble  Client
Associate Director, Communications: Kara Buckley

Grey New York
Chief Creative Officer: Andreas Dahlqvist
Executive Creative Director: Leo Savage
Executive Creative Director: Jeff Stamp
EVP, Account Director: Brian Weston
SVP, Account Director: Elizabeth Meny
VP, Account Director: Gabi Newton
Account Supervisor: Robyn Hendel

Production: Townhouse
President: Bennett McCarroll
SVP, Head of Integrated Production: James McPherson
VP, Producer: Katy Hill

Production: Humble
Director/Cinematographer : Rudi Schwab
President/Founder: Eric Berkowitz
Executive Producer: Mark Kovacs
Director of Operations: Jason Mayo
Producer: Kevin Comer
Head of Production: Natalie Warkenthien

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