Stuff We Love: Audi's Invisible Man

September 21, 2017 Ophelie Zalcmanis-Lai

“Know what? I’d like to have done one with cars, but now, meh, I don’t know. I don’t think they’ll call me.” – The Invisible Man.

And cue the self-driving Audi. 

Just in time for the San Sebastian Film Festival, Audi (the official car of the festival) highlighted its self-driving technologies with a super clever ad that poked fun at the idea of self-driving itself.

Truthfully, you’ve got to be able to make fun of yourself. It’s charming, and that charm factor is what makes this spot so successful in our eyes.

For the most part, car commercials (especially that of luxury cars) tend to have similar elements.

  • Close-ups of key details

  • Panning scenic roads as the car zooms along

  • Mid-shots of a celebrity taking the wheel.

It’s all beautiful. But similarly beautiful.

In this case, Audi took a totally light-hearted approach and shifted its focus from the brand to the audience – hence all the movie references.

The Invisible Man represents the Golden Era. With his red-carpet premieres and blockbuster rolls. He laments about how things aren’t the way they used to be and that he would have liked to do more with cars, but now can’t.

It’s all just like how marketers and advertisers alike can’t do car commercials the same way anymore as technology advances and the norm is no longer the norm. This spot is a great departure from the usual genre of luxury car commercials and actually weaves a narrative that is equally reminiscent of the good days, while looking ahead to the future.

All in all, well done Audi. Keep putting out stuff like this – the Stuff We Love.

Take a watch and let us know what you think (and all the movie references you can pull!) @TheTiteReport. AdWeek also did a great write up on the background of this spot - find out more about Audi's invisible spokesperson on the AdFreak segment.

Marca: Audi
Anunciante: Audi
Tipo De Producto: Audi Piloted Driving
Agencia: DDB
Director General Creativo Jose Maria Roca De Viñals
Director Creativo Ejecutivo Jaume Badia
Director Creativo: Guille Ramirez
Director De Arte: Fran Arguijo
Copy: Carlos Weil
Director Cuenta: Francesca Gonzalez
Ejecutivo Cuenta: Veronica Martin
Producer: Vicky Moñino
Productora: Agosto
Productor Ejecutivo Toni Moreno
Producer: Aldo Gunter
Realizador: David Verges
Dtor. Fotografia: Alberto Bañares
Esudio Sonido: Bso
Musica Titulo: Original
Post-Produccion: Metropolitan

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