Marketing With Brainwaves

August 22, 2016 Kate Lunau of Vice

Lately there's been a lot of talk about predictive technologies being a big player in the next frontier of marketing. 

In plain human terms (and those of Vice) brands are going to start reading people's brainwaves to sell stuff. 

Shikatani Lacroix is looking at taking the whole concept of designing visuals up a notch. Businesses, whether retail or not, are always hoping to look the best. They have visual design teams, architects and contractors that are used specifically to make the business space as appealing as it can be to customers. 

The key word in all of that is "hoping." One can make something look nice, but that's a pretty subjective thing. After all, it's pretty hard to get into the minds of customers and know how they actually react to things. No one wants to do those 5 minutes surveys at the checkout anyway. 

But wait. Now virtual reality and augmented reality can change this? Apparently so. 

Now brands and businesses have a chance at literally understanding how the minds of their customers work and how to precisely tailor design to meet customer expectations. Talk about being one step ahead of the competition. 

It's a fledgling idea, but one that might just clear the clutter a bit. 

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