Why Writing Is NOT Dead

July 11, 2016 Ann Handley

Recently, Nicola Mendelsohn of Facebook said that people will "have to write for video" because soon it will all be video. Buh-bye writing. 

Sorry, what? PARDON? *Spits out tea* 

We're not down for this edict. Yes, online video consumption is gobbling up audiences' minutes in Canada and yes video is growing exponentially as the platform of choice to share from. But writing is no joke either. 

Are we the only ones who are sigh in frustration when we're forced to watch a video when we really just want to skim an article? Does everyone suddenly want to be mindlessly watch others tell us what to do or think rather than come up with our own ideas after a quality dose of reading (yikes, please no).

We think not. Or rather, Ann Handley, CCO of MarketingProfs and content creator connoisseur, thinks not. READ below as she serves up a pretty agreeable nope-cone regarding Facebook's edict that writing is dead

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