Why B2B Marketers Should Give a B2C Experience

October 13, 2016

So you hang around in the B2B realm.

Selling to businesses is different, you say. B2B couldn't possibly sell like a B2C person, you say.

Get. With. The. Times.

Truth be told, B2B user experiences are not nearly as good as B2C in the majority of cases. Yet this digital era has made the user experience top priority over something like reputation.

So what happens in the grey area here? Customers are lost. Plain and simple. 

Your website is crappy, it doesn't provide any information of value and it's looking like something your dad probably coded for you. 

As an agency, we get a ton of calls from B2B people everyday. We get offers for everything, from staplers to Keurig k-cups. And half the time, the calls are from people we previously bought from. Why did we stop? Because we hated their website. 

It's not a juvenile or petty reason. It came down to how we felt when we were being engaged. That was the deciding factor on if we stayed or not. In this Battle for Time, we simply don't have time to be dogged down by bad user experience.

So if you're wondering why your awesome product just doesn't come across as awesome as it is, it's probably because you need to be thinking a little more B2C. Think content, customer support and web design. 

Now go forth. Sell your awesome stuff with some help from MarketingProfs' B2C tactics.

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