What We Learned at UFX 2016

August 26, 2016 Ophelie Zalcmanis-Lai, Content Editor

A bunch of content marketers in an auditorium talking about content marketing. 

Could be nerdy, but since it was the 2016 Uberflip Experience it was actually pretty awesome. Treated to two days of keynotes by the brightest minds in the industry, like Jay Baer, Ron Tite, Joanna Weibe and more, we talked about what it means to create, manage and optimize content to provide the best experiences possible. No pun intended. 

Aside from delicious lunches, cool swag and gourmet ice cream popsicles, we were pushed to think beyond our products and more about our bigger impact.

Our current methods were challenged, our content was gone through with a fine-tooth comb and our minds were inspired to think differently and think better. 

I'm sure we weren't the only ones scrambling to get back to the office and employ our learnings. For those of you who couldn't make it, here's a recap.


It's a Battle for Time out there: people don't vote with their wallets, they vote with their time. 

So do audiences a favour and focus less on creation, more on things that make impact. 

Validate what you create: use people, use tools, use data. 

Apply science to your content creation: have a hypothesis and test it. 

Then put the right information at the right time on the right platform. 

You'll know it's right because it has original research and is opinion-forming.

Go ahead: ask the questions that people are afraid to answer. 

Still, relationships matter. Collaborate well and collaborate often. 

Maintain those connections beyond the sell. Ask "how do we grow together?"

Only turn to influencers if you can co-create with mutual value. 

Forget delivering your content piecemeal: people don't consume content like that.

Bingers are 2x more likely to be sales accepted. 

Take it from scheduled, to on demand. Blockbuster to Netflix.

You can repurpose and still be creative. 

Whoever owns the audience, owns the market. 

Transform internally and externally. 

Innovation is the stuff that your customers can actually see and touch.

Above all else, cleanse your data periodically.

Don't use numbers to keep score. Use them to drive better actions. 

Asking if the customers bought isn't the only possible transaction. 

Big changes haven't changed us. Minute changes have. 

Is content the future? No, but content distribution is. 

Quality and quantity can co-exist. 

Tone of voice is the gutsiest value you can offer to your customers. 

So be a brand that's a media property and a media property that's a brand. 

Show some skin.

Prove that you're more than your product. 


These thoughts were curated by the most Uberflip-y of innovators: Hana Abaza, Andy Crestodina, Nick Edouard, Lee Odden, Kyle Lacy, Mitch Joel, Anela Chan, Ann Handley and Ron Tite

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