Weekly 5 from x5: October 17

October 19, 2016 Eric Mercer of Dx3

It's the week of the new. 

Some of it is a welcome back, others a brand new era for certain brands. 

When it comes to introducing a new product, concept, model, etc. there's always a huge amount of risk involved. 

Even for big companies, it's scary. Will the risk pay off? Will it be worth it in the end? Will people like it?

Try to think of it from the opposite end, however. What are you going to do for the rest of the business' life span? Never introduce new things or try out something different? We highly (and hopefully) doubt it. 

Whether you're Danier making a comeback or a drone company sending medical supplies to Rwanda, go for it. Life's too short, even speaking in terms of a business. 

The people who win the Battle for Time don't sit around waiting for new to happen, they construct it themselves. 

To stay ahead we're making it a weekly habit to digest x5, produced by Eric Mercer at Dx3

Read up below. It's not enough to say what matters; the gold is in why it matters.

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