Weekly 5 from x5: November 7

November 8, 2016 Eric Mercer of Dx3

Ever heard someone say "if you're going to talk the talk, you have to walk the walk?" 

Well we have a slightly edited version: "if you're going to talk the talk, then talk the talk." 

Perhaps it's a little repetitive, but what we're really getting at is that for all the business and brand chatter in the world it's crucial that what's promised is what actually happens. 

It's kind of like ordering something online and thinking it's going to be one thing, only to open the box and get something completely different staring up at you from all that popcorn packaging stuff. 

It sucks. 

It also sucks for the business in question. Brand loyalty is one of the things that ensures businesses can go the long run and win the Battle for Time. It guarantees these kind of wins because it means that consumers can put their trust in brands. They can let go, let stuff happen and be happy in the end. 

So when Tesla actually makes its solar-panel roof tiles available, Budweiser legitimately completes a self-driving delivery and Instagram becomes a real-life shopping destination, it's pretty darn cool.

To stay ahead we're making it a weekly habit to digest x5, produced by Eric Mercer at Dx3

Read up below. It's not enough to say what matters; the gold is in why it matters.

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