Weekly 5 from x5: November 22

November 22, 2016 Eric Mercer of Dx3

When it comes to making major changes in how a brand operates, it doesn't just come down to rebranding. 

Have you ever heard the adage "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"? 

Well instead of just acting like another brand, why don't you just become that brand? Better yet, acquire that brand. 

Sometimes natural brand extensions don't just come in the form of producing different content. Sometimes, it's about joining forces with others. 

When it comes to moves like Estee Lauder acquiring Too Faced, Tesla acquiring SolarCity and PPTV looking to pay to stream the English Premiere League, the important part is that these companies are realizing what their long-term goals are and how they need to change the game (and industry) to keep up in the Battle for Time. 

These are the top reasons we see behind these moves:

1. Reaching a new audience (Estee Lauder and millennials)

2. Expanding an empire into new territory (Tesla and its energy aims)

3. Wanting to be a one-stop shop for streaming services (PPTV including sports)

Here's another adage for you: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

To stay ahead we're making it a weekly habit to digest x5, produced by Eric Mercer at Dx3

Read up below. It's not enough to say what matters; the gold is in why it matters.

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