Weekly 5 from x5: Amazon Gets Physical and Verizon Signs a Cheque

January 25, 2017 Saurabh Ananth of Dx3

Be better. Try harder. 

Sometimes the way things are as is don't have that certain longevity factor. Sometimes it takes a combination of two things to make a better end product. 

So when that second chance rolls around, such as in the case of American Apparel filing for bankruptcy but then being bought out by Gildan Activewear, or when it's time for a renewal, such as Verizon acquiring Yahoo to make a media powerhouse, it's worth putting pride aside and admitting defeat. 

Defeat doesn't have to be interpreted so literally, such as completely failing at business and losing everything. Sometimes it just means that there's a hole said brand is not making up for so well. 

Renewal (or simply trying something new, like LiquidSky's videogame streaming) should be welcomed as an opportunity to move onwards and upwards. 

It doesn't mean you suck. In fact, accepting it means your nimble. And nimble means you're going to be able to ride the waves pretty well. 

To stay ahead we're making it a weekly habit to digest x5, produced by Saurabh Ananth at Dx3

Read up below. It's not enough to say what matters; the gold is in why it matters. 

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