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November 16, 2016 Michael Johnson interviewed by Creative Review

Ask a friend (who doesn't work in advertising/marketing/PR/etc.) how re-branding works. 

Good luck on getting a clear answer. 

For those of us who work in the world that deals with branding, we often forget that there are people who don't understand the process behind how things work. 

After all, don't we produce content so that the world sees the final project? 

The problem with this is that sometimes it's perceived that there's a disconnect between the strategy and the creative. That there's Team A and Team B. That there's those folk on one half of the office, while the rest are on the other half. 

Truth be told, when it comes to branding (or re-branding) there is most certainly an intersection between the two disciplines. In fact, the two should work together in order to produce a cohesive project that makes sense. 

The last thing any brand wants to do is leave audiences scratching their heads. 

Michael Johnson, creative and strategy director for johnson banks, gets interviewed by Creative Review on just this topic. He penned a new book on branding and the different techniques behind it. 

It's not a mystery. It's the work we love, but just a little more transparent. 

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