This Is Your Brain on Marketing

September 19, 2016 Melissa Pandika of OZY

"I'd like to have a coke, please." 

"Sorry ma'am, we only have Pepsi. Is that ok?"

*Rolls eyes* 

This is a common anecdote, one that coke fans know well. Turns out, there's a reason your brain does this. 

Simply put, marketing influences us right down to the synapses firing away in our busy brains. When we're told something is more expensive, we rate it as better. When we're made to believe in value, we think the experience is worth it. 

It's not just intrinsic stuff like our feelings that affect our decision making, it's the external things too like price and looks. 

Bottom line: there's a science to how marketers should do their work. It goes beyond demographic savviness. There are specific ways brands should be crafting their message depending on the price-point they are selling to. 

Seem like an obvious point? Well, it's not to everyone. Some are still making messages based on the fictional consumers they construct in tedious brainstorming sessions, without considering other influencing factors. 

OZY breaks down all the stats you need to know about neurological marketing below. Prepare to dig deep. 

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