This is How the Brain Processes Different Types of Content

January 3, 2017 Laura Forer of Marketing Profs

Marketers: we're about to offer you the ability to see inside the mind of your customers. 

Pretty mind-blowing start to 2017, right?

Turns out that even by this year, catering content to the specific strengths of various formats and platforms still doesn't happen. Slicing and dicing happens all the time. Why make one piece of content if you can make it into 5?

However, it's too much regurgitation and not enough re-purposing. 

So let's bring it down to the basics of how the human brain processes content, by Marketing Profs

Whether it's reading or watching something, we all understand and digest the information differently. Sometimes it takes more work, sometimes it takes less and sometimes it simply takes fewer words to get an idea across. 

Here's how your customers think.

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