The Social Minute - September 26 - October 3

October 3, 2017 Logan Kazman

Facebook’s facial recognition account recovery


  • Account hacked? Well no need to worry about lengthy recovery processes as Facebook has confirmed that it will be testing facial recognition as a means of account recovery.
  • According to AdWeek, social media researcher Devesh Logendran shared a screenshot with The Next Web director of social media Matt Navarra of a facial-recognition recovery feature from the social network, and a Facebook spokesperson confirmed that the feature was being tested.
  • Hit or Miss: This is a great opportunity that gives people a quick and easy way to verify their account (after all, they carry their faces with them every day). While there has been some backlash to Facebook’s facial recognition photo tagging suggestions, this update is different and has a unique purpose altogether. Not to mention, it’s a complete advancement of the technology that is being offered through new and emerging smartphones, like the iPhone X.

Snapchat to launch augmented reality art platform

  • Snapchat plans to launch a new augmented reality art platform featuring pop artist, Jeff Koons as well as countless others. In it, art will be pinned to specific locations in augmented reality so that users can see it when they hold their mobile devices in the right spot.
  • Hit or Miss: With the success of augmented reality as seen on apps like Pokémon GO, this new update could help revive the app as user growth has seen a decline due to Instagram Stories.
  • What’s also very special about this update is that it gives users a reason to not only engage in a unique and platform-specific experience, but it also helps promote different artists around the world, giving them access to Snapchat’s user base. 

Instagram launches polls in Stories

  • Instagram introduces a new update allowing users to share two-option polls in their Stories.
  • Users can access this option by clicking on the sticker. From there, they can type in their question as well as the two responses.
  • Just like their previous Stories functionality, the results will disappear after 24 hours.
  • Creators have access to their poll results later by watching their own Stories and swiping up on the posts containing polls. This will not only show the current number of votes each option has received, but also includes the respondent breakdown.
  • Hit or Miss: This is an exciting update that brings about so much potential for brands. Think about the insight that polls will provide. Not to mention, they make a great tool for influencers and can help get deeper into what customers enjoy, what they want to see more of, and what they don’t like at all. Well done, Instagram!

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