The Social Minute: September 19 - 26

September 26, 2017 Logan Kazman

Instagram’s New Comment Moderation Tools   

  •  Instagram launches new moderation tools that make it easier for users to ignore comments from others that are offensive.  The new comment tools mean that if you have a public account on Instagram, you can limit comments to specific groups of people, including your followers or people you follow. Plus, both public and private account holders will be able to block accounts from commenting on their posts.
  • This new update is part of a Platform initiative to help halt abuse on the app.
  • This past May, Instagram also introduced a campaign called #HereForYou designed to help those suffering from mental illness. Now, this program has expanded to live video where users can report comments or posts anonymously. By doing this, Instagram will send the reported user a message with access to a helpline and other useful resources.
  • Hit or Miss: This update is a great one that adds utility for consumers, giving them the power to filter who and what is being posted on their content. In this world of endless content, this small update makes things easier to enjoy. What's more is how the brand continues to carry over features that benefit users in a more meaningful way, such as its efforts to make positive headway in conversations surrounding mental health and internet safety. Clearly Instagram understands its power and influence, as well as how to use it. 

Snapchat’s Sky Filters

  • Yesterday the photo and video sharing app launched, Sky Filters. These automatic filters are added to a users’ selection carousel once a sky is detected.
  • According to Snap, Sky Filters will rotate daily and include a starry night, stormy clouds, a beautiful sunset and rainbows.
  • Hit or Miss: This is is a cool concept but it’s one that lacks depth within the creative world of VR. It also doesn’t seem to be that unique or ownable as many other apps are also taking advantage of VR and real-time photo editing capabilities. While it looks nice, we feel that it could have been much more interesting than this. In the Battle for Time, this update lags behind.

Pinterest and Target Collaborate

  • In a blog post, Target announced a partnership with Pinterest and how they will begin adopting Lens directly into its applications.
  • Hit or Miss: A unique, and incredibly immersive experience is bound to come about with this partnership. It makes exploring, discovering, and purchasing Target products easy and seamless.

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