The Social Minute: September 12 - 19

September 19, 2017 Logan Kazman

Facebook Tests Snooze Feature


Bitmoji goes 3-D

  • You may have been playing around on your Snapchat and noticed your Bitmoji appearing in 3-D. That’s because Snapchat has just launched 3-D graphics for World Lenses.
  • Earlier this year, Snapchat released Sponsored World Lenses which gave brands the ability to augment reality. The app’s signature face-swapping filters worked for objects in the real world.
  • Now the brand has taken that one step further by giving users the ability to take their Bitmoji self and expand that character into virtual reality.
  • Hit or Miss:  While cute in concept, will this update provide effective return on relationship? Will a Bitmoji 3-D avatar be the driving force that keeps users from staying on Snapchat vs going to rival Instagram? While it’s hard to say at this point, from what we've seen on the platform, people are loving the Bitmoji effects.

Pinterest tests out new feature called Sections


  • A new feature is rolling out that allows users to divide their board into various sub-groups all related to the board’s main topic. The above example shows how Dinner recipes are separated by type. So, there’s a section for sides, veggies, pastas, and more.
  • This new feature has recently launched in beta testing and hasn’t yet become available for all Pinterest users. The overall functionality may also change between now and the time it goes public as the company works to update and rework based on the feedback provided.
  • Hit or Miss: This update has great potential. Seeing that Pinterest is filled with so many different ideas, topics, and pins, it’s a great way to really clean out the overall platform and help users fine-tune their content into designated categories. At the end of the day, it’s important that brands give users a reason and a purpose to engage. That’s exactly what Pinterest is doing. The platform is working to provide a simple tool that’ll help make board building and pinning an easy and enjoyable process. 

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