The Social Minute: Sept 5-11

September 12, 2017 Logan Kazman

Facebook Canvas Ads can now be used in Instagram Stories

  •  Instagram announced several updates to Instagram Stories that will impact both advertisers, and of course, users. For marketers, ads in Stories “can now be integrated with Facebook’s Canvas full-screen, immersive mobile ad units” giving users the ability to click through to designated landing pages or other offline experiences.
  • Another significant update is the uploading tool enabling brands to use their organic Stories as ads while still having access to the different creative functionalities that are associated with the native Instagram Stories camera.
  • The best update of all includes how Instagram Stories can now be added to campaigns shared across the Facebook and Instagram platforms.
  • Hit or Miss: This new update is sure to bring about benefits from both a business and a user perspective. For starters, it’s a smart move for the brand to take their high-performing canvas ad units and implement its functionality on Instagram with Instagram specific features (drawing tools, face filters, and of course, stickers).
  • Seeing how Instagram is a visual-first platform, it makes total sense that the brand takes hold of the canvas ad type (one that is built on a full-screen visual experience).

Facebook Tests Instant Videos

  • Anyone with a smartphone knows just how easily their data drains when consuming video. Facebook is at the rescue with a test of instant videos that users can watch without data. A small test of these videos will be running on Android only.
  • Facebook users prompted with the Instant Videos feature will be able to access videos that have been downloaded and cached to their devices through a previous WIFI connection. Those videos can then be viewed when a user is no longer connected to a WIFI network.
  • Hit or Miss: Small but mighty. This new update has the potential to bring about great success for brands and users. Instant Videos can bring a user down the funnel of “maybe I’ll watch” to “I’m on the subway with connection, why not watch that ad.” But on the other hand, this testing can make it even harder for brands to really leave a mark. With all content being readily downloaded, brands will need to work extra hard at keeping users’ attentions.
  • What we're most curious about is the metrics side of things for brands and marketers. How will video views be counted when a user is offline?  What other video metrics will be counted towards consumption? All of this and more should hopefully come about as testing continues and expands to other mobile devices.

Ikea gets into the world of Augmented Reality

  • Ikea welcomes the future of furniture shopping with the launch of their new app, IKEA Place. It’s one of the first waves of augmented reality apps that will work with Apple’s new ARKit technology and iOS 11.
  • All they have to do is point their camera at the space that they plan on filling. From there, the app will do its magic and “superimpose a properly scaled and aligned image of the desired item into the user’s view.”
  • Hit or Miss: The best part about this new app is not so much about the technology, rather it’s about the effective approach the IKEA brand is taking to make shopping for the home that much easier. Augmented reality is by no means a new concept, but what the brand is doing is a new approach and using the power of technology to help improve the overall experience for users.

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