The Social Minute: November 7-14

November 15, 2017 Ophelie Zalcmanis-Lai

Lionsgate and Google Chrome choose kindness for social media

  • To promote the upcoming movie Wonder, Lionsgate created the Choose Kindness Chrome extension which replaces mean social media comments with “messages of kindness.”
  • Lionsgate worked with Google parent company Alphabet and its tech incubator Jigsaw to bring the tool to life across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  • Hit or miss: This is a great example of marketing with purpose. While the move is a definitely for awareness, it also helps spread a message that many people can resonate with. How does it achieve this? By having a shelf-life and usability factor that lasts beyond the movie. Well done.

Social media analytics market is SUPER profitable

  • As we enter the final quarter of 2017, Adweek reports that the social media analytics market is jumping a whopping 28.6% in compound annual growth rate to a value of $9.54 billion by 2022.
  • Marketers know the importance of analytics is lies in the fact that it helps us to better devise strategies.
  • Hit or miss: This is less of a hit or miss and just more of a reality if the industry. Furthermore, it challenges brands to use all their data in strategic ways. Rather than just being able to report on the data, brands have to react in real-time to it in order to have more effective brand management.

Tencent sets its eyes on Snapchat

  • Tencent recently bought $145.8 million of Snap Inc. shares, as it moves to help Snapchat expand its content offering to video games.
  • As Snap continues to struggle in its public offerings, Tencent “implied a close relationship with Snap that could go beyond passive investing and involve assisting the U.S. company with strategy.”
  • Hit or miss: While we’re optimistic for Snap and Tencent joining forces to produce some interesting content areas on the social media platform, the vague descriptions of opportunities have us on the fence as we wait to see what happens. That said, this opens a door to more esports offerings in a totally new space which is an exciting premise.

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