The Social Minute: November 21-28

November 28, 2017 Ophelie Zalcmanis-Lai

McDonald’s and Wendy’s duke it out on Black Friday


  • McDonald’s tweeted before their coffee on Black Friday. In a clearly awkward moment with scheduling tools, McDonald’s forgot, well, its copy.
  • Though the fast food joint owned up to it with a clever line, Wendy’s had the last laugh with their own quip about McDonald’s track record with “broken” things.
  • Hit or miss: Such a fun little brand battle! Both had their moments. McDonald’s did the right thing, didn’t delete the mistake tweet but instead followed up (although a little while later) with something on brand and light-hearted. Wendy’s did well on getting in on the social chatter by chiming in with its own thoughts. Whether or not these two brands are friendly with each other, they certainly know how to remain top of mind by turning “uh-ohs” into “oh yes’s.”

People can now request to join live streams

  • Instagram is now letting users request to join another user’s live stream. Hosts will see the request pop up and can accept or deny, while also seeing a list of other pending requests.
  • Though Instagram always let users “invite” a friend to join, this is broadening the options by allowing even more people to connect. For example, a celebrity and a fan.  
  • Hit or miss: What a great way of not only breaking down communication barriers, but opening the options for people to collaborate on the photo-sharing app. While theoretically hosts will have to take on the slight risk of someone saying something rude, it’s still a great way of getting people to stay on the app and participate with its content. Would you ever ask to join your favourite artist’s Instagram live stream? Let us know @TheTiteReport.

Facebook is using AI to prevent suicides

  • Facebook is continuing its moves to provide assistance to users in need by introducing AI mechanisms that recognize when someone is at risk, before another user even has to report it.
  • Things such as monitoring comments of “are you ok?” will be a part of this AI initiative. Facebook is testing the feature in the US and will continue its roll out to other countries. That said, the European Union is reported to be excluded from this.
  • Hit or miss: This is a very powerful tool. For all the worries about AI being too powerful or invasive, this is a great way of keeping users safe and healthy. Most importantly it reminds users they’re never alone, even though they might feel like it. It’s a big step for Facebook, so let’s hope the tool rolls out smoothly. 

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