The Social Minute: November 14-21

November 21, 2017 Ophelie Zalcmanis-Lai

You can now post to your IG Story from the web

  • The photo sharing service is now allowing users to add to their stories from the web, but only if they’re on mobile.
  • In an effort to increase access to the Stories feature, users can now add photos with text via web on their phones. Unfortunately, the other Stories features are not available and neither are videos.
  • Hit or miss: This honestly seems like a missed opportunity, or a half update. Users can’t do this via desktop and can’t use the functions that make Stories so great. It almost feels like Instagram began a new feature but stopped half way. While people who weren’t using the app can now see others’ stories, it doesn’t seem to have very much usability benefit – if it all.

IKEA has something to say about Leonardo da Vinci

  • The budget-friendly furniture brand is continuing to make small little jabs at expensive things with its latest social post (created by Acne).
  • Rather than aiming at Balenciaga, this time IKEA is turning its attention to the sale of the world’s most expensive painting: Leonardo da Vinci’s Mundi painting, priced at $450 million. The painting sits right front and centre, along with a $9.99 IKEA frame to bring it all together.
  • Hit or miss: As Morten Kjaer, creative director at IKEA’s Creative Hub said, “At Ikea, we believe anyone should have the possibility to decorate their home without spending their life savings.” This kind of social engagement is a great way of tapping into that very simple brand belief in a topical way. IKEA is responding in real-time to social trends. This is a great and effective strategy at cutting through and keeping people’s attention.

Facebook is adding Highlighted Shares to video insights

  • Video Insights for Pages is getting a new feature: Highlighted Shares. With this, users will be able to see how other Facebook pages are sharing their videos.
  • “Video publishers have requested more information about where people are watching and engaging with their videos to help inspire future collaborations with other pages.” Facebook further explained that people will be able to see the top 5 pages that reshared specific videos by views and other insights like post engagement and average watch time.
  • Hit or miss: Facebook really laid it out right – this is all about giving publishers more insight on their content’s performance. This is a great delivery from Facebook, as it works to further finesse its insights offerings. Just another reason for brands to be more aware of their content and produce better stuff. 

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