The Social Minute: March 13 - 20

March 21, 2018 Diana Pasgas

YouTube to add Wikipedia information to conspiracy theory videos

• If you’ve ever been awake at 3AM and found yourself clicking one recommended YouTube video after the other, you know there’s a part of YouTube that’s just plain weird: a dark hole of conspiracy theories surrounding just about every President and history making moment you can think of.

• To combat the spread of misinformation conspiracy videos cause, YouTube announced plans to show information from Wikipedia about conspiracy theories or events alongside the content.

Hit or Miss: Okay, so there are a few issues here. Firstly, if you’re not allowed to use Wikipedia as a source on an academic paper, you probably shouldn’t take it as completely accurate information when it comes to conspiracy theories. Remember: anyone can edit a page at any time. Secondly, YouTube didn’t even inform Wikipedia of its plans to roll out this feature. While this has all of the makings of a partnership, YouTube didn’t even attempt to form one with the platform. Lastly, Wikipedia doesn’t just exist - it requires work and compared to other tech companies, has a relatively low budget. This new feature not only could provide people with more misinformation, but they don’t even seem to be valuing Wikipedia as a source.

Kanye West is launching a dating app

• You read that right: Kanye West is launching a dating app this month called Yeezy Dating. The app hopes to bring together people with their one true love...based around the fact that they are both fans of Kanye.

• But only fans of Kanye, apparently. On a landing page for the soon-to-be launched app reads a small disclaimer: Taylor Swift fans are banned from the app, complete with a snake emoji. The feud lives on!

Hit or Miss: As far as random business ventures go, at least this one is interesting? Shared likes and dislikes are important in relationships, so perhaps hardcore Yeezy fans will find companionship in one another while debating about which track on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is best. All that said, it’s kind of a weird piece to add to the Kanye brand (though probably somewhat Kardashian influenced; the whole fam has an app, after all). Though developers are kidding themselves if they think Swift fans won’t infiltrate the app; with that disclaimer, you’re just begging them to.

Instagram launches in-app shopping in 8 countries

• Back in 2016, Instagram started testing a shoppable post feature in the US that allowed retailers to tag products with pricing, descriptions, and links to purchase the product.

• This week, Instagram has officially rolled out the feature to eight more countries, including Canada, the U.K., and France.

Hit or Miss: We’ve discussed before how Facebook and Instagram are on a mission to make sure that you never leave their platforms, and this new feature is one more step to make sure you don’t navigate away. Shop and browse all in one app! But for an app that relies exclusively on visuals, shopping integration is an excellent tool for businesses; especially those that rely heavily on social media promotion to boost sales numbers. A downside to the platform is that it makes it seem like even less of an organic, authentic place to share what’s going on in your life...but let’s be real: it hasn’t felt like that in a while anyway.

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