The Social Minute: July 4-11

July 11, 2017 Logan Kazman

Introducing the Brandless Brand 

  • Brandless is a new online grocery store that features a variety of consumer packaged goods all priced at $3 dollars.

  • CEO’s Tina Sharkey and Ido Leffler hope to take advantage of this new digital shift giving consumers access to everyday essentials at a price you can’t beat.

  • The duo wants to make a trip to the store a thing of the past, embracing the power of online ordering. 

  • Hit or Miss: This is such a great idea because the company is taking hold of the digital shift in consumption behaviour and effectively (and ironically) making a name for itself with its brandless branding. What’s so unique about this overall business approach is that the company took away the “brand tax” (all the costs related to the traditional CPG model) and instead, directs product straight to the consumer. Because of this model, the company can sell its products at 40% less than comparable products on the market and avoids distributor costs, breakage costs, sales trade costs, and other fees normally associated with retail distribution. Even more, this approach creates for a direct relationship with the consumer. And in a world of endless consumption, building a relationship from the outset is very important. However for now, it's only available in the US.

Snapchat can now link to websites

  • You might have seen your Snapchat interface update to include new features. One such feature is the paperclip button – this small but mighty update allows users to link out to a website in their Snapchats.

  • This is a huge opportunity for Snapchat as this gives brands, media companies, influencers, and the everyday user the ability to drive traffic from the app to a website.  

  • This new update differs from Instagram’s notoriously annoying “link in bio approach.”

  • Prior to this, the only way a Snapchat user could add a link was through a paid creative. Users could “swipe” to view a link.

  • Hit or Miss: An amazing approach for Snapchat. In all seriousness, this update should have taken place a while ago - but better late than never. This new feature really gives the platform a leg up on rival Instagram. With time, we will be able to see how brands are implementing this new feature and if it’s proving successful. 

Heineken’s 0.0 Ads 

  • Heineken’s new campaign showcases how both consumers and the brand can have “fun” without alcohol.

  • The entire campaign is based on the tagline “open to all” inviting everyone and anyone to come on in for an alcohol-free beer.  

  • Hit or Miss: We're a little mixed on these ads. In theory, they're fun and decently relatable. The situations depicted aren't so different from what people would go through in their lives. But the humour felt forced and overly dramatic. Perhaps that was the aim of the tone, but we're not so sure it meshed well with the product launch. We honestly felt like there was far too much foam in the pitcher and not enough of the good stuff with these spots.

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