The Social Minute: January 24 - 30

January 30, 2018 Diana Pasgas

Instagram (finally) allows businesses to schedule posts

• After years of waiting and many a social media manager’s delight, Instagram has announced that businesses to schedule posts.

• Unfortunately, you cannot schedule posts directly within the app. Instead, the feature is being added to Instagram’s API - meaning third party software applications, like Hootsuite, have access to the functionality.

Hit or Miss: It’s about time! Prior to this new feature, the closest Instagram had to a scheduling feature was drafts, which allowed you to save a post to post later - but it was still manual. Having the ability to schedule posts in advance, after years of not being able to, frankly seems revolutionary. Needless to say, we’re hyped, and we imagine it’s only a matter of time before the feature moves to the app itself.

KIND is using their Super Bowl budget to give customers free food

• Instead of sinking a sizeable budget into a Super Bowl ad, KIND snacks has decided to instead invest that money into giving away free KIND bars to its customers - $6 million dollars worth.

• The company announced the news in a 40 second video that will run exclusively on Youtube. The first 3 million people click to click on the link displayed in the free video will receive a free KIND bar.

Hit or Miss: It’s hard to stand out during Super Bowl ad season, so we have to give KIND props for trying something different — they're still capitalizing on Big Game hype without giving them a penny. KIND's belief is that people are hooked on their bars after trying them, so getting them into the hands of people for free makes for a higher ROI. It just may work - people do love free, after all - if this doesn't get buried by other viral Big Game spots. 

SNAP introduces Bitmoji Deluxe

• Snapchat’s partner company, Snap Inc. launched Bitmoji Deluxe, which allows you to customize your avatar even further so it looks like a tiny, digital you.

•  In addition to new skin-tones, clothing, and hairstyles, users can even take a selfie to help with the creation of their new Bitmoji.

Hit or Miss: We’ll admit, there’s something fun in having a more customizable Bitmoji; it brings us back to the days of playing Sims and spending hours on your pixelated family. But let’s be honest: how many people are still actively using Snapchat? Sure, it has its fans, but its active user growth is incredibly low compared to Instagram. Of course, you can use Bitmojis in iMessage and other messengers...but let’s take a poll: how many times have you actually seen anyone do so? We’ll wait.

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