The Social Minute: January 16 - 23

January 23, 2018 Diana Pasgas

Spotify launches Adoptify

•  A recent study from The University of Glasgow reveals that all animals have their own unique musical preferences, just like humans; Sparky may like hip-hop, but Fluffy loves jazz.

•  Spotify has teamed up with an animal shelter in Germany to launch Adoptify, a service that will match potential owners with adoptable pets based on their music preferences. They’ve released a series of videos to promote the new initiative featuring dogs jamming to their favourite tunes.

Hit or Miss: Animals + music = total win from us. Not only are the ads absolutely adorable (we’ll admit, we teared up at one or two), but aligning themselves with a cause like animal adoption is an excellent look for Spotify. We love it when brands and social platforms team up for a good cause and making sure that animals have a good home is one we can get behind. Plus, how cool is it that animals have their own music tastes?!

GIFS are coming to an Instagram story near you

• In a bid to make sure you don’t use any other messaging app ever, Instagram is partnering with Giphy to roll out transparent GIF searching in Instagram stories.

• The feature, which was beta-tested last week in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Brazil, will allow users to seek the perfect GIF to add as an overlay to their Instagram story.

Hit or Miss: Look, there’s fewer things better than finding the perfect reaction GIF for any scenario, so we have to say we’re on-board overall with adding this feature to Instagram. That said, it’s kind of hard to imagine how it will play out in day to day use: the examples we’ve seen online mostly look like cut and paste collages. Of course, Instagram stories aren’t exactly meant to be high-brow content, so perhaps floating GIFs will fit right in.

Pixar announces Incredibles 2 cast using a meme

• The Google Arts & Culture app has taken the internet by storm in the past couple of weeks with its selfie-scanning feature. Upload a picture of yourself and the app will match you with works of art that you most resemble. Who wouldn’t want to be compared to a work of art?!

• Taking full advantage of this Internet craze is Disney’s Pixar, which announced the full cast of the upcoming Incredibles 2 by comparing the cast’s headshots to painted portraits of the characters. New cast additions include Bob Odendirk and Sophia Bush.

Hit or Miss: If you’re going to use a meme for any kind of announcement, there is a tiny window of opportunity to do so: memes on social media have a shorter shelf life than bread. Pixar nailed this one on the head; not only is it still timely, but the portraits are a unique way to announce new cast members and release new character designs. By capitalizing on the trend while it was still relevant and people were still engaging with it, their cast announcement caught the attention of movie lovers and meme’ers alike.

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