The Social Minute: February 6 - 12

February 15, 2018 Diana Pasgas

People hate Snapchat’s update so much, they’ve started a petition

• Snapchat rolled out a new update that’s making their users rage.  The update - that was designed to make navigation easier - lumps together Snapchat Stories along with DMs and individual snaps...making stuff pretty difficult to find.

• The update has people so upset that they’ve taken the most drastic of measures: they’ve started a petition. 800,000 people have already signed, all but begging Snapchat to go back to their original design.

Hit or Miss: OK, we have to say it - every time any social media platform rolls out an update, people are upset about it. No one likes changes, especially when that change is deemed unnecessary; why fix it if it’s not broken? But Snapchat’s update was necessary: since its release, older demographics have said that the app is simply too confusing to use and Snapchat can’t rely on a younger demographic forever. And while we hate to say it, there’s a pretty good chance users will get to the update, just like we’ve gotten used to every other update.

Things are a little strange over on DECIEM’s Instagram

• Cult beauty brand, DECIEM, is known for keeping things abnormal, but things are a little too weird over on their Instagram. Last month, CEO Brandon Truaxe took over the account and has begun posting candid, unfiltered content ever since.

• Instead of any planned content, Truaxe has posted jabs at competitor Drunk Elephant, internal memos declaring they were cutting ties with partners - before informing them - and images of trash and dead animals. Some of his comments are even accused of being racist. Yikes.

Hit or Miss: DECIEM’s mandate has always been transparency: if they are struggling with production issues, they’ll be upfront about it. While transparency is great, it’s important to note that brands also have social media strategies for a reason. The fact is, not every person in a company will be perfectly PR trained, nor will they know how to effectively navigate representing a brand - social strategy combats this. When content is not monitored or filtered, one single post can do a brand a great deal of harm that can take ages to undo. Sometimes there is a thing as too much transparency; after all, transparency should come with authenticity and strategy behind it. We’re just not sure this social content fulfills those latter two things.


Facebook Messenger is playing Cupid

• Facebook must be feeling the love this week as they’ve added a new feature exclusively for couples. After confirming that you’re in a relationship with another user, Messenger will automatically open a chat between you two, decorated with hearts and all.

• The app will then prompt you to change the background colours of you and your SO’s chat, add emojis or nicknames.

Hit or Miss: Is it necessary? No. Does that mean we hate it? No. It’s a little confusing since just last month, Facebook was saying that their app was a little cluttered...and adding in a feature that’s just for those in relationships isn’t going to unclutter it. But we can’t hate on love and the feature does move your SO to the very top of active users. It’s a convenient little move; kind of like speed dial in 2018...except for without the whole talking on the phone thing.

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