The Social Minute: December 6-12

December 12, 2017 Diana Pasgas

Vine is making a comeback 

  • Remember Vine? Another casualty of 2016 deciding we can't have nice things, Twitter pulled the plug on the micro-video platform four years after acquiring it in 2012. Well, it looks like the app just decided to skip out on 2017, because it's making a return. 

  • Co-Founder Dan Hoffman casually tweeted to his followers that he's working on a self-funded 'follow up' to Vine called V2.  While its launch date is TBD, the project will not be attached to Twitter. 

  • Hit or Miss: It's hard to say at this point. While Vine was the cool kid in 2013, the introduction of videos on Instagram caused users and marketers to quickly move away - after all, why have six seconds when you can have 60? Plus, since its demise, Vine Stars have migrated over YouTube where, again, they can post longer content. Is there really space for Vine in 2018 and beyond? We'll have to see.

Instagram is testing a direct messaging app

  • In its continuing adventures of taking down Snapchat, Instagram has been testing Instagram Direct - a separate messaging app that is, well, Snapchat. But the Instagram version. 

  • The app is available for download in six countries: Chile, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Turkey and Uruguay. Upon installation, the direct messaging option in your Instagram app is removed. 

  • Hit or Miss: Instagram and Facebook are on a mission to make sure you never leave their apps and will do whatever it takes to get there. There's the argument that maybe users won't want yet another messaging app, but look at the evolution of Facebook Messenger. Once meant solely for speaking with friends, now you can track parcels, play games and send or receive money. We're sure they'll add some bells and whistles to Instagram Direct to make downloading a must.

YouTube releases its annual YouTube Rewind 

  • Since 2010, YouTube has released a year-end video featuring its most popular creators to celebrate a year of viral videos, pop culture and memes. 

  • This year's video features over 300 creators in blink-and-you-miss-it cameos. It also includes looks back on trends you might want to forget, like fidget spinners. 

  • Hit or Miss: Talk about sensory overload; this year's video is crammed with so many creators that it's impossible to even identify most of them (extra good luck if you're over 19 - this video made us feel old). Not to mention, it's been a rough year for YouTube. Companies like Pepsi, Walmart and AT&T pulled their ads from the platform after finding out they were appearing on videos containing hate speech. Then the algorithm YouTube designed to fix the problem has caused the very creators they are celebrating to lose out on ad revenue by having their videos randomly demonetized. Yikes. It hardly seems like a year worth reviewing. 

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