The Social Minute: February 20 - 27

February 27, 2018 Diana Pasgas

Vero is a thing or something

• Social media has a new kid on the block: introducing Vero, a new app being hailed as the next Instagram. Or perhaps we should say reintroducing - Vero has actually been around since 2015, but reached number one on the App store this week.

• The app allows you to share photos, what you're reading or listening to, doesn’t show ads, and most importantly - shows all of those posts in chronological order. However, the app is unfortunately pretty buggy and its founders are no strangers to controversy

Hit or Miss: Does anyone here remember Peach? From the creators of Vine, the app made its debut in 2016. It allowed you to share your location, what you were listening to or watching, and of course, photos. It jumped to the top of the App store, was filled with bugs...starting to sound familiar? We've been here before, with Peach and many other apps. While it’s too soon to tell - you can never been 100% sure what’s going to stick after the hype fades away - we have to say that its bugs and restrictive user agreement might hinder Vero in the longterm. We're sure it’ll be fun while it lasts.

Twitter introduces new adaptive rate limits

• Twitter is making its platform more business friendly. The platform has introduced adaptive rate limits which allow accounts to send up to 5 DMs via Twitter’s API within a 24 hour period. This will allow businesses to handle customer service issues during periods of high DM volume.

• Every time an account receives a message, the 5 DMs in 24 hours threshold is reset, ensuring that customers will never go unanswered due to rate limits. The feature is now available to any accounts using a third party publisher that has access to their API.

Hit or Miss: It’s strange to think that rate limits are even a thing on Twitter - that an influx of messages will prevent you from posting. But on a platform that receives roughly 6,000 tweets per second, it’s kind of needed. That said, by adapting rate limits to better suit businesses, it allows for marketers to feel more confident when offering customer service help on Twitter. As Twitter has struggled to find its niche in recent years (is it a news site or what?), this business friendly change is hardly a misstep.

Tinder launches campaign for an Interracial Couple Emoji

• Tinder believes that all love deserves equal emoji representation. In a bid to get emojis to step up their diversity game, Tinder has created a petition with in support of the creation of emojis depicting interracial couples. Once the petition has amassed enough signatures, they will send it off to Unicode to try to make it happen.

• The brand argues that there is an emoji for just about everything - from avocados to unicorns -  but there are no interracial couple emojis to be seen. In addition to the petition, they’ve also created a charming 60-second video to accompany the campaign.

Hit or Miss: We live in a very diverse world, so it’s about time that social media platforms accurately represent that diversity. This is definitely a hit from us! Tinder believes that they are in a unique position to create a campaign such as this, and they are right. Tinder is one of the most diverse platforms for meeting people, with 57% of respondents from a recent survey saying that Tinder has made them more open to committing to someone of a different race or ethnicity. While it may take two years to get an emoji approved, we’re all for this change - you could even say we’re swiping right!

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