The Social Minute: April 3 - April 9

April 11, 2018 Diana Pasgas


Facebook to add an unsend feature to Messenger

• After users reported that messages from Mark Zuckerburg had disappeared, Facebook is now rolling out their super secret, Executive only unsend feature to all Messenger Users.

• While no launch date has been announced, the feature will allow users to delete messages from both their inbox and the recipient's — but promises to not delete the messages of any other executives before the feature rolls out to all users.

Hit or Miss: OK, let’s recap. Firstly, both WhatsApp and Instagram have unsend features already and if we want to go way back, Twitter used to allow users to unsend DMs years ago — and then they deleted the feature to conform with Facebook’s lack of an unsend feature. This feature was bound to be implemented sometime. Secondly, this comes after trust in Facebook continues to getting caught deleting Zuckerburg’s messages isn’t exactly a good look. The only real solution is to roll it out to would just be better received under different circumstances.

YouTube to launch new version of Kids App

• In a bid to stop kids from viewing those weird Spider-Man figure videos - you know the ones - YouTube plans to release a non-algorithmic version of their Kids app.

• The new app will be curated by actual human beings to better filter content so kids aren’t seeing the aforementioned creepy toy videos or other content featuring conspiracy theories.

Hit or Miss: This absolutely a hit. The fact that YouTube’s algorithm was causing inappropriate content to easily be accessed by kids — on a kids app, no less — is pretty problematic. It is only a good thing that YouTube is now taking the steps to fix it. Maybe they’ll even implement the human-run curation tactic to other parts of YouTube that desperately need it (like say, the trending page).

Instagram is copying Snapchat again

• It’s no secret that Instagram has been taking features from Snapchat and replicating them for their own stories platform. The trend continues after it was revealed that Instagram is testing Nametags, their version of Snapcodes.

• The Nametags feature will allow users to scan a code to follow other users. Just like Snapcodes. It’s exactly the same as Snapcodes, but for Instagram.

Hit or Miss: Instagram, we love you, but we don’t need this feature. While Facebook Messenger implemented the feature in 2016, we have to ask - does anyone use it? Just because Snapchat is doing something doesn’t mean Instagram has to have it, too. Features like editing comments and having a chronological feed would be much better put to use, but we digress.

Special Mention: Mark Zuckerberg's ongoing testimonies with Congress

Where do we even begin? A couple things we can tell you for sure: 

1. There's a BIG, HUGE gap in the understanding of tech literature. It might be all around us, but that doesn't mean everyone fully grasps its complexities (we're looking at you Congress). 

2. People don't read the privacy policies given to them. 

3. Mark Zuckerberg is feeling the pressure (rightly so). 

4. Four minutes is NOT enough to answer these questions. 

5. The drinking water memes coming out of these hearings are MINT. 

We'll keep you posted once we're able to digest all these hours of questioning. 

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