The Rise of Slate's Native Ads

July 26, 2016 Lucia Moses of Digiday

In case anyone needed further proof barriers tumbling down, here is Digiday's report on the rise of Slate's native advertising.

It's an occurrence that has been brewing within the industry for a while now and it's something we've said over and over again. Here it is again: the idea of church and state is dying. 

Publishing, advertising, marketing, branding: they're all getting weaved together. In fact, they all need each other too. Publications are just simply not making the numbers they used to and advertisers can't relate to the audiences that fuel their business. Yet together, combining the strengths and weaknesses of each, there's an opportunity for growth. 

It's a smart move. It's also one that can be done in an ethically sound way, such as Slate being completely transparent about labelling sponsored content. 

The key here is staying one step ahead of the pack. Tradition is great, but it isn't adaptive for changing forecasts. Consumers have changed, so those who feed them content need to change with them. 

Digiday's case study on Slate's success is a great place to start catching up with the times.

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