The Creativity of Demonstrations

January 24, 2017 Patrick Burgoyne of Creative Review

Yesterday we wrote about the Women's Marches in The Battle for Time and how they used a simple, straightforward idea to stir the entire world to action. 

From the organization, to the participation rates to the involvement of people from all walks of life, these demonstrations set a bar. 

They were fundamentally different from anything we've ever seen before. 

Other than its statement, the marches featured the most well-designed picket posters we've ever seen. 

Yes, some were simply marker and paper. But some of those and others were clearly designed for sharing. They were well planned, executed with precision and employed clever copy that was memorable. 

Just another way to drive home the idea that women's rights are human rights, period. 

Creative Review compiled some of these designs, showing how creativity can be used to trump hate

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