Take x5: McDonald's Orders From Your Couch and Netflix Goes to Hollywood

March 22, 2017 Saurabh Ananth of Dx3

There's a difference between purpose and action. 

Action is how a purpose is carried out, while purpose is the core idea. As implied by the direct definition of "core," the purpose doesn't change for a brand. Ever. 

That type of higher-order belief guides everything a brand does, looks like and acts by. The topical things like ad or marketing campaigns, fonts, logos, imagery can change as is needed. The output can even change to serve evolving customers' needs, but the purpose remains the same. 

Take Netflix. If we were to hazard a guess at a brand belief for Netflix, it might sound a little something like this: We believe in sharing and creating great stories. 

Netflix saw the opportunity to overtake the movie rental industry when it noticed that people wanted access to a huge assortment of titles that were of good visual quality (read: not a crappy download), didn't cost much and didn't require leaving the house for access. 

Sharing and now creating those great stories will always be at the core of what they do. However, how Netflix does it might change. 

For example, they aren't just creating TV series. Noticing that Amazon can win an Oscar for their original movies, Netflix wants in on the Hollywood glamour and has hired Scott Stuber, a big-shot producer, to help their push into the silver screen. 

Moral of the story? You can welcome change without changing your brand's core beliefs. You can even hug it. 

As brands like McDonald's and Lowe's change how their customers interact with their products (by introducing mobile ordering and VR how-tos respectively), we can expect to see a lot more industry leaders changing up how they do business. 

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