Stuff We Love: Westin OOO Generator

August 12, 2016 Westin Hotels and Resorts, McSweeney's

"Hi there, 

Thanks for your email. I'm currently way from the office with limited access to my emails. I will return on Monday August 15th. If you have an urgent request please email


Officially Bored."


Yawn. Congratulations! You've officially made everyone fall asleep or roll their eyes at your out of office reply. 

Questioning why your OOO reply needs to be exciting? Well there are three quick reasons: 

1. You're a human being, not a robot (we hope). 

2. Your personality should be able to shine through in your work. 

3. People are already judging you for going on vacation, so you might as well give them a chuckle too. 

In short, people shy away from personality. They pour themselves into their work, dedicate themselves to the brand belief, but then forget who they are in the process. This is problematic because when it comes to producing great output (whatever it may be), it's got to come from great people. 

No, not just in a pure experience and skills sort of way. But someone who can visualize, contextualize but also insert humour and wit. This ultimately comes from a great personality. You can't really be instructed on something like that.

Trying to create from a place that's stifled and overtly contrived just comes out rigid. 

A form of this great content from great people? Westin's OOO generator, made with help from McSweeney's. If anyone needs a live example of content marketing, this is it. It adds value to travellers' lives by giving them a hilarious tool to make up clever OOO replies. It's a perfect extension of the brand.

So while you take a much-needed break from work, keep that spunk coming in the form of your OOO reply. 


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