Stuff We Love: The Best Slogans of All Time

July 22, 2016 Fast Company

If you have golden material, you use it.

Every brand strives to be the one that ends up creating a tag line so good people automatically think of the brand when they hear it and repeat it for years, even decades to come.

While, of course, there are other signs of success, this is the ultimate. It justifies all the late-night meetings, last minute scrambling and stress over creative briefs. It means the process was genius. It means ever-lasting minutes happily handed over by audiences. listed the 10 best slogans of all time yet Fast Company took note of how users found that so many classics (think Apple's "think differently") were noticeably absent. So, Fast Company has made a new list based off of online commentary. 

Take a read. It brings us back so many memories, but also makes us think ahead. 

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