Stuff We Love: Rapping Paper

December 20, 2016 Ophelie Zalcmanis-Lai, Content Editor

We love doing things that win people’s minutes, especially when it’s for a good cause.

What does that look like? What are we even saying?

It means beyond the norm.

Outside the theoretical box.

Full of unique and undeniable personality.

Going left instead of right.

All this good stuff.

This holiday season, we decided to introduce Rapping Paper, the world’s first wrapping paper to rap on touch.

See what we did there?

Jokes aside, the reason we did this is very real. The paper may not be, but aspiring artists, especially young ones, are.

We didn’t want to get in front of a camera and plead for you support some charity. We wanted to write clever copy, shoot a fun video and poke a little fun at the music industry and how technology has disrupted it.

So we did that. We “created” paper with micro-nano speakers in between fibre-coned bass drivers and subwoofers. We worked with local artists Haviah Mighty, Walt D., and YoungDZ to have 3 original holiday rap songs to match each paper. Second City Alumni Jan Caruana wrote our promo video which was shot by 161 Content, and starred comedian and improviser Nicole Passmore.

This all happened within 2 weeks.

But other than puffing our own chests, we really wanted to do this for the burgeoning Canadian talent that our country is so lucky to have: kids. Talent, no matter its shape, should always be supported from a young age regardless of that child’s personal socio-economic background. The problem is, lack of access and affordability sometimes get in the way.

So, we reached out to MusiCounts, a Canadian organization that aims to keep music programs alive in schools and communities across the country. That’s a tall order, but we’re happy to help drive funds toward their mission.

Now we turn to you.

Visit and while you hear some pretty sick beats, we also ask that you think about where you’re putting your dollars this holiday season. 

Instead of buying stuff that ultimately gets re-gifted, give the gift of creativity. 

Now go tell Santa that you want it all this Crunkmas, and that you’ll sing a Gangster’s Ho Ho Ho until you get it.  

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