Stuff We Love: OK Go and Morton Salt

November 24, 2016 Robert Klara, Adweek

Who knew a salt brand could be cool?

It's salt: the seasoning that is in constant difference of pepper and that can result in high blood pressure. 

But did ya know it's also used by Morton to soften drinking water, keep roads safe during the winter (ahem, for all Canadians out there) and is crucial to the farming industry? 

Wanting to "Walk Her Walk" and make the company's walking girl logo stand for making a difference and driving progress, Morton teamed up with indie-rock band OK Go to create The One Moment

Equal parts a showcase of the band's song and Morton's new brand positioning on making a difference in the world, The One Moment is a mind-blowing example of the power behind beautiful visuals and thoughtful storytelling. 

Spanning both 4.2 seconds and nearly four minutes (when you watch below you'll know what we mean), the video is meant to show that "a single moment can contain so much wonder, so much beauty, and so much change." 

Paint shot across the screen, guitars exploded and things were knocked over. Here you have the impact. 

Take it one step deeper and you'll notice that the video "difference makers" including Seth Maxwell of The Thirst Project and Blair Brettschneider of GirlForward. Here is where the impact is made. 

So what makes everyone marvel? The fact that every moving part has a specific role in contributing to the greater narrative here. To do this without confusing viewers or making any details unclear is a huge accomplishment. 

Bravo to OK Go and Morton. Watch and prepare to have your mind blown. 

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