Stuff We Love: Mobile Is Here To Stay

March 24, 2017 Logan Kazman, Social Media Specialist

Mobile is so ubiquitous in our lives that it’s not rare for everyone to have at least one story of texting and walking into things as a result. #whoops

But it's not entirely a distraction; in fact, mobile is a great tool.

Our phones provide us with instant access to our world and the world of others. Mobile devices are arguably the most important machine in transforming the way that we as humans, communicate, live, and interact.

It’s pretty powerful stuff.

And that's exactly why advertisers are taking hold of new mobile-specific functionalities like 360 and virtual reality. If mobile isn’t a part of your game, you’re not going to get an edge in the Battle for Time.

This past Wednesday we had the pleasure of joining in on a CMA webinar presented by AOL and InsightsNow. The 30-minute webinar discussed the top trends in mobile video.

Here are some highlights to get your gears turning for mobile optimization: 

"65% of Canadians will own a smartphone by the end of 2017"

Remember when we said “ubiquitous”? This fact alone proves how significant mobile is, and how significant mobile is going to be for Canadians. People are increasingly busy, but they want to remain connected. What better way to do it then in the palm of their hands?

"More consumers are watching short-form videos on a daily basis"

Part of a busy life is trying to jam as much into it as possible. This means people often reach for short, easily digestible sound bites to get the info they want. So, keep your mobile content short and sweet (simple too). This will make it easier for viewers to stay interested throughout.

"60% of Canadians say they don't care if an online video is sponsored by a brand, as long as it is good and entertaining."

Branded or not, consumers want to see content that is interesting and above all, entertaining. As long as the content reaches the things they care about, you’ve got an in. What better way to do that with new and emerging video types?

Speaking of which, "advertisers are planning to purchase new formats in 2017."

  • 32% of advertisers plan to adopt 360 video

  • 25% plan to adopt interactive video

  • 28% plan to adopt virtual reality/augmented reality

  • 28% live video

Taking advantage of these new trends are an important way for brands to adapt to the times of today, whether it's a Facebook Canvas unit, a Live video, or a 360 asset. While it’s important to step outside of the typical brand comfort zone, exploring these new waters should always be in a way that speaks to the core values and beliefs of a brand.

If it doesn’t make sense, it’ll seem forced and people won’t tune in. That’s just the bottom line.

So explore on. Just be strategic about it.

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