Stuff We Love: Ikea Talks Divorce

September 26, 2016 Tim Nudd of Adweek

Life happens. It's a fact. 

It's not always sunshine and butterflies and sometimes that's just out of our control, period. 

How often do ads cover the hard stuff? Unless the brand already deals with difficult topics (a charity, for example), brands that sell the everyday don't always cover all aspects of the everyday. 

Take divorce. It's messy, it's difficult and isn't always smooth sailing. Would just be too much of a downer in a TV spot, right?

Wrong. "Where life happens" is the tagline in this spot and has been an ongoing theme for Ikea all along. If we were to make a brand belief for them it would be: we believe that furniture should be made to make the every day simpler. 

Talk about living your brand belief. Ikea does just that by creating a realistic representation of divorce and answering how their furniture can make that transition period a little easier. 

Take a look below at Adweek's review, and pass the tissues. 

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