Stuff We Love: How Tastemade is Eating Through the Internet

September 1, 2017 Ophelie Zalcmanis-Lai

There is nothing quite as satisfying as the sound of butter hitting a sizzling pan.

Or perhaps your kick is watching a good chocolate drizzle. Or a fun sugar sprinkle. Either way, we’re willing to bet that Tastemade has something that you will drool over.

According to a recent episode of Biz Please from Mashable, Tastemade’s content reaches 200 million people around the world, in 7 different language.

Oh and one third of that audience visits the brand on its various platforms 5 days a week.

What makes Tastemade such a powerhouse is that it brings the right type of content to the right people on their favourite platform.

You’re probably reading this and thinking that this is a super obvious strategy and that as an experienced marketer, it’s not teaching you anything that you haven’t heard before.

But then why don’t more content producers do exactly this?

Larry Fitzgibbon, CEO and cofounder of Tastemade, said that the food brand is highly conscious of the fact that mobile is basically everything. People are consuming their daily content on the platforms that run on mobile – essentially, social media.

Put simply by Fitzgibbon, “our job is to entertain users on those platforms.”

So, Tastemade was created as a channel that was built for each of those unique platforms and their offerings. There are host shows on Snapchat. Instagram hosts delicious-looking 60-second recipes. The app lets you take it all on the go, no matter what.

Just as a cable programmer would program shows, Tastemade programs the channel for each platform to ensure unique but equally pleasing content no matter the user’s preference.

As Fitzgibbon chatted with Mashable, he explained that it was a conscious choice for the brand not to build a big destination but to rather focus on the platforms as audiences would.

It also doesn’t hurt that the food is usually just beautiful to watch.

Is it paying off? Well, Fitzgibbons said that one third of Tastemade’s audience members visit the channel 5 days a week.

Tastemade reaches 200 million around the world in 7 different languages, 1/3 of audience comes 5 out of 7 days.

We’d say that Tastemade is successful eating its way through the content. And we love (and want to eat) it all.

Want to know more about the brand? Check out the full episode of Biz Please with Larry Fitzgibbon.

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