Stuff We Love: Glossier, The Beauty Company That's Changing Beauty

September 16, 2016 Nitasha Tiku of BuzzFeed

With its luxurious imaging, occasionally haughty copy and jewel-toned ads, beauty often becomes an industry that's unattainable to mass markets. 

Too many steps for a morning routine. Cream that's $150. Lofty promises. 

Don't get us wrong - the beauty industry is showing no signs of slowing down. But it seems to have gotten more expensive and more complicated over the years. It forgot about what it means to create for consumers and instead picks sentiments about anti-aging and runs with them. It targets demographics that don't represent the biggest customers in the market. 

Well, Glossier has flipped that all on its head.

1. From the clean packaging to the fonts on its products, to the down-to-earth copy, Glossier has designed an experiences that's effortlessly relatable. 

2. It includes customers in more than just the buying process, often asking for input as to what certain product benefits should be. 

3. It's a brand that just happens to sell makeup and skincare products. Really, Glossier represents the idea that everyone should be able to access healthy products for their skin and be happy from the inside out.

The business lesson here? Exist beyond your products and create with intention. It doesn't just generate brand attention, it generates brand loyalty and longevity.

BuzzFeed's Natasha Tiku wrote an in-depth feature on the brand and its creator Emily Weiss. Get a close brush with the beauty and e-commerce innovator below.

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