Stuff We Love: Dyson Gives Us a Look Into Robotics

August 8, 2016 Josh Kolm of Strategy

If you're any old product, your launch might consist of a Twitter party or veiled image shots, slowly released in order to amp up anticipation. 

But Dyson isn't everybody. With the release of its 360 Eye Robot vacuum cleaner, the company opened a pop-up gallery featuring photography of the robot technology and engineering, as well as product demos and photo booths right on King St. West in downtown Toronto.

Dyson has always been a leader in the innovation front - it's what it does as a company. But this pop-up is a pretty genius idea too. The company recognizes that it's not competing just with people in its own sector, but also with all the other distractions that busy city-dwellers get lured by like a Blue Jays game or night market. 

It knew it had to create an experience. Something that would make people stop and take the time to look and engage with. No social media post could do this. Together with Citizen Relations, Dyson hired Toronto photographers to bring the robotics field to life for fellow Torontonians in a way they wouldn't normally get to have. 

It's creative, it's bold and it's stunning. We love the dedication to capturing people's attentions and actually making them think about what's in front of them.

Well done Dyson and Citizen Relations. 

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