Stuff We Love: CIBC Paints a Picture

May 19, 2017 Ophelie Zalcmanis-Lai

The words “private wealth management” seldom bring anything exciting to mind, let alone creative.

Money. Banks. Investments. It’s all rather funny: these are some of the most personally effective things in a person’s life, but the perception around it is that it’s the complete opposite. Nothing but a sales pitch.

Consequently, finance can be a difficult and scary thing to talk about it. Ideally, to get people really invested (on pun intended), the messaging around the topic needs to have a degree of relatability.

However, the messaging surrounding it usually quite the opposite.

Bland and unremarkable.

The retirement success story? We’ve seen it. The starting a new family savings plan? Yeah, we’ve seen that one too.

Luckily, CIBC’s latest endeavor with Juniper Park/TBWA paints an entirely new picture of private wealth management. And we love it.

For financial institutions, it’s always strategic to frame the story around “the people.” It neutralizes the scariness, makes people envision themselves within the brand and creates dialogue.

But the life milestone theme has been overworked.

Recognizing that, CIBC took a different approach to showcasing the people behind the bank by using portraiture by artist Jen Mann to highlight the aspects that make every individual person (or client) unique.

“Artists capture the real you. So do we.”

CIBC isn’t wrong. By daring to ask, “how else can we tell this story?” the bank ended up making a profound statement.

That statement is that banking must be personal, individual and comprehensive. It’s about the fact that banking doesn’t mean your advisor sees you as a client, but rather sees you as another human being with doubts, goals, fears and hopes.

Showcase the product? Check.

Act on the brand’s values? Check.

Increase interest in the brand? Check.

Make money less boring? Check.

It doesn’t hurt that the work is also visually stunning. One can’t typically say that about those bank commercials shot in an actual bank.

This is a great example of what happens when marketers go left instead of right and step beyond the a-typical, the safe. After all, doing something new often means trying the different option first.

Kudos to those involved with the project. The rest of the series can be found online through CIBC Private Wealth Management

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