Stuff We Love: Captain America Pranks

June 14, 2017 Ophelie Zalcmanis-Lai

Captain America has gone viral and no one understands why. 

Specifically, this spot by Omaze with Chris Evans and a Boston comic book shop is still going viral - six months after it was released. 

Yes, a whole six months. 

The nearly 6 minute video was released in January. However, according to AdvertisingAge's viral video chart, it's still hanging on to its virality juice. First the spot slid down to the number 5 position last week, but then got 11 million views which thrust it back to number 2. 

So how does a campaign released in January top off a June list of most-viewed videos?

No one has any idea. 

AdvertisingAge even reached out to Aaron Godfred, VP of content and parternships at Omaze. Godfred said no further money was put behind the video. "He said he wasn't sure why it was accumulating views again now." 

That is the kind of stuff we love. The pieces that surprise you with going viral. The pieces that keep popping back up again. 

As much as we'd all like to have some fancy data-driven answer as to why stuff like this happens, the truth of the matter in the content world is that sometimes it just happens. It only takes one share, one click, one mention to thrust a piece of great content back into the spotlight. 

These are the pieces to be celebrated. The ones that are still awesome way after they've been released. 

Why? Because they are examples of strong content: 

1. Always relevant and applicable. 

2. Brings surprise and joy to each first-time visitor. 

3. Taps into themes that viewers appreciate and relate to (friendship, adventure, mystery in the case of this video). 

Key takeaway: virality can't be forced. Sure, we all want it. But it's the most unsuspecting pieces that usually make it in the end. 

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