Stuff We Love - Captain America: Civil War Becomes a Food Fight

May 6, 2016 Ophelie Zalcmanis-Lai, Content Editor

Conflict with friends can get pretty intense. Especially when those friends happen to be Captain America and Iron Man. 

But why shoot at a vibranium shield when you can fling food at each other, right?

This got art director JC Pinheiro and food photographer Sebastien Dubois-Didcock thinking: is there a better way to have fun with how we represent our favourite comic book legends and the battles they fight? 

Why yes, there absolutely is.

To celebrate today's release of Captain America: Civil War, take a look at FOODFIGHT!! 

"Ironman makes it rain with a beverage as rich as he is. Captain America pitches corn-dogs in defense." 

The collaboration takes visual storytelling to another level by reimagining your favourite Marvel legends as, well, ordinary joes who like BBQ’d kebabs and corn dogs (because let’s be real, Hawkeye or not, who doesn’t love a good kebab?).

Pinheiro and Dubois-Didcock used mood boards from the film's trailers and research into the comics to develop the series.

While food references were rare to find, the team managed to take this creative leeway and run with it. 

The result was a series that humanized heroes and made them relatable, without having to show the physical character or sacrifice any action shots. 

Really, have you ever seen a superhero eat? Nope, not us either. 

"At sunrise Bruce returns to the cave and patches himself up. Alfred came to check up on him and brought him breakfast. #batman" 

The Captain America shoot wasn't the first time Pinheiro collaborated to show us what superheroes eat after kicking butt. The above photo is from Supermeals - Batman Vs Superman, his first hero series. 

So stay tuned for more, the same way you would through any Marvel movie's end credits. A third shoot is in the works. 

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