Stuff We Love: Canadian Tire Makes Us Step Up

August 5, 2016 Harmeet Singh of Strategy

"Show me a nation with the strength to be gentle..." 

This is how Canadian Tire's #StepUpStandTall "Pedestal" ad begins. 

The 30 second spot hardly needs to progress any further before hitting audiences square in the emotions. 

What makes this ad so great is that it's not another video of our athletes sweating in slow motion (not that those don't have their merits). No, this time Canadian Tire put out something that targets the average Canadian in a sphere that doesn't always include them. It creates a way for you and I, your neighbours, our family, to rally together in action. It brings Olympian athletes together with everyday Canadians. 

The spot achieves this all pretty simply too: 

1. Invoking Canada's values. 

2. Showing REAL everyday people. 

3. Picking daily situations as the backdrop. 

We love it. It moved us. It made us feel. Thanks to Strategy for sharing Canadian Tire's work with us

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