Revitalizing a Brand: Taking Archie Into the Future

June 28, 2016 Dan Solomon of Fast Company

It's great to be a classic. 

That means said brand is typically a household name, people of all generations identify with it and that it can stand the test of time. 

Yet sometimes even if a brand gets this distinction, it still collects dust. It's like one of your old sports trophies. You're still proud, you still want to talk about it and look at it, but it now sits on the back of your shelf. 

When Archie Comics CEO and publisher Jon Goldwater took over in 2009, he wiped his finger through the layer of dust that had grown on the brand. The brand had gotten into a "routine," becoming complacent in making and designing new editions of the series. 

In just a few years, the brand has managed to shine brightly again, introducing new characters, revitalizing plot lines and switching up the design. Fast Company shows us how classic brands can adapt for the future, but still remain true to their Riverdale roots. 

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