Old Spice Just Got into the Gaming Business

July 25, 2016 Marieke Dekker of Creative Review

Creative Review makes our lives a lot easier with its Highlights From the Web series

One of the latest in particular covers 3 links, all minute-worthy in their own ways. Yet we got all stuck on YouLand, an 8-bit video game created by Old Spice

Yes, you heard right: video game. In all it's pixel-y glory. 

Old Spice is no stranger to rocking the content world. It routinely creates wonderfully strange pieces of content that amuse the brands fans and keep them wanting more. Just think of its response campaign starring none other than Isaiah Mustafa.

That campaign directly engaged with audiences by creating personalized messages. Kind of awesome, right? Brand followers comments were actually responded to, but of course in the classic Old Spice fashion. 

YouLand is just another step up in Old Spice's array of customizable audience experiences. Players can literally create their own little universe based off of their Facebook activity. While the levels may be totally bizarre, Old Spice did it in a captivating way. Instead of leaving players scratching their heads wondering why none of it makes sense, YouLand leaves players happily bemused. 

Check out Creative Review's review. It does reviews well. 

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