Navigating the Innovation Gap: An Introduction

March 24, 2017 Sara Audisho

Of all the corporate world’s biggest ills, the innovation gap is incredibly underreported on and understudied.

It’s definitely a sweeping opinion, and one that you’re not obligated to agree with, but hear us out.

Sure, the issue graces the third or fourth page of major newspapers every so often, and in many other ways is studied in bits and pieces. We like reading about gender inequality in the ‘modern’ workplace, or how the digital age has shaped a millennial workforce that is palpably different than the generation before it.

But we’re only getting half of the story down on paper.

What do these changes (or lack thereof) mean? How do they affect not just the organizational structure of businesses but also the productivity of the employees that run them? Taking a further step back, how are these big picture items affecting our individual ability to create original work and solve our most pressing problems?

Catch our drift now?

This is our best swing at chipping away at what the real gap in innovation is.

Because the gap isn’t merely about the trouble we’re having in getting from point A to B.

It’s more than that. The gap is about how we’re learning to look at point A before we even do anything with it to get to point B.

Globally, we’ve reached a burnout point. We’re recycling old ideas and technologies, and repackaging them as innovative, when there’s nothing groundbreaking about them. The answer to why this is happening isn’t complete either, but if we talk enough about it, then maybe we can start piecing it together.

There are many different conversations that could be had for why a gap exists. This biweekly segment will be used to explore those conversations – some will be data driven, some will be colloquial, all nonetheless equally important.

Sometimes we’ll talk about the simple fixes – standing desks and yoga balls to modernize offices and make them more ergonomic. Other times we’ll discuss the messier stuff – how the public education system is failing to prepare children for success and happiness (and how happiness actually results in real innovation).

It’s a huge topic and a lot to dig into, we have no illusions about that.

But it’s important for business, for employees and everything in between.

When you’re in the business of content, you actively seek the innovative, the groundbreaking, the truly awesome. You also want the best for your agency, your colleagues and your clients (well, that’s how we roll at The Tite Group, anyways). Big picture is a great ideal to strive for.

We should probably know where we’re going and see if we actually like it. So that’s what this take on the innovation gap will be.

Where have we been and where are we going?

And how can we make that future truly awesome?

Let’s dig in.

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