Media Planning 101

August 30, 2016 Tom Fishburne, Marketoonist

People used to vote with their wallets. Now they vote with their time. 

Sound familiar? Probably because we mention it all the time on The Tite Report.

But that's because it's true and something that often gets lost along the way of creating genuinely awesome content. Brands need to make businesses come to them. People aren't just waiting to be spoon-fed. They can spoon-feed themselves. 

When it comes to making a media plan or strategy, the paid, owned, earned media types are still 100% valid. They still exist and can still be used effectively, no argument there. 

But the lines between them aren't so clear cut anymore. They're intertwined, work together and sometimes even act as each other. So how else to engage people?

Well, how about play time for your marketing strategy? We'll let Tom Fishburne explain below. 

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